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Jori Uusitalo

Introduction to Forest Operations and Technology

Ever heard of a harwarder? Need to know how a modern cut-to-length harvester optimally bucks tree stems into shorter logs?

Introduction to Forest Operations and Technology is your top guide to modern technologies and methods largely applied in wood procurement and silvicultural operations especially in the Nordic countries. Despite its Nordic origin, the book covers all the topics and issues important and interesting worldwide such as major wood harvesting systems, time and productivity studies, ergonomics in forest operations, and wood procurement planning.

Introduction to Forest Operations and Technology can be used as a textbook at any levels of forest education from vocational schools to universities. Due to its pragmatic approach, the book is also suitable for independent learning for forest owners and everyone with an interest in modern forest technology. The book contains more than 140 drawn pictures, photos, figures and tables altogether. The original versions of all the figures and tables can be ordered separately.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents (PDF)
  • Chaper 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Forest as a work environment and source of raw material
  • Chapter 3: Timber sale and pre-harvest measurement
  • Chapter 4: Timber harvesting
  • Chapter 5: Long-distance transport of roundwood and mill reception
  • Chapter 6: Wood procurement planning and transport logistics
  • Chapter 7: Forest machine structure and function
  • Chapter 8: Forest engineering research
  • Chapter 9: Forest road construction and maintenance
  • Chapter 10: Silvicultural technology

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